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Wildlife Photography [entries|friends|calendar]
Wildlife Photography

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Gull, San Francisco [12 Sep 2015|02:48pm]

I love being able to spend more time on my photos with Lightroom - in 2012 that would not have been a reality at all. I just chose to edit the best while now I can edit hundreds at once :-)

Gull, San Francisco
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Wild Wolf Studios! [06 Mar 2011|03:33pm]

Wild Wolf Studios

I just opened up a web store, selling prints of my best wolf and landscape photography!
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Canadian Geese [16 May 2010|04:31pm]

I have been lucky this year to get some Canada geese pictures. I know they're just geese, but it's the first time I have been able to take pictures of them. Here's an adult I saw near where I took a picture of a whole family down by the Bow River. Click for larger!

And here's the goose family! I really want to upgrade my camera...the 12x zoom is nice, but I want more :-)

Canada Goose Family

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Famous "Storybook Wolf" photo disqualified. [21 Jan 2010|09:29pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Storybook WolfThe winning photo "Storybook wolf" by José Luis Rodríguez has been disqualified by the judges of a BBC wildlife photo competition due to evidence that it was staged in violation of the contest's rules.  The photographer claimed that he had taken the photo on a Spanish estate, and that he had coaxed a wild Iberian wolf to jump a fence there, but other Spanish photographers with ethical concerns supplied photographic evidence to the contrary.  It appears that both the wolf and the location are from the Cañada Real Center, a Madrid zoological park.  The wolf has a remarkable resemblance to a park wolf named Ossian, and the fence appears to have been a temporary setup on a location in the park.  The disputing photos corroborate critics' suspicions that the entry had been contrived because of how the photo is composed.  The contest's rules state that ”Images of captive animals must be declared. The judges will take preference to images taken in free and wild conditions.”  After looking at the comparisons between the entry and the disputing photos, I agree that it's the same wolf and park location.

MSNBC story.
Suomen Luonto story.

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Beware the wild ground squirrel! [20 Jun 2009|07:04am]

While recently in Waterton Lakes National Park, I saw a lot of wildlife - a coyote, lots of deer and lots of different birds. Alas the only decent picture I could get was of this little fellow :-) Click for larger.

Ground Squirrel
Waterton - Ground Squirrel

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Foiled by Fowls (x-posted) [11 Apr 2009|10:37pm]

Today my camera and I went for a walk up to the creek in hopes of finding some photogenic specimens. The creek's banks are relatively unsafe, so I positioned myself on the bridge. The bridge was the site of a shoulda coulda woulda moment a few years ago. It was duck stamp perfect - a male and female duck floating between snowy banks, with just enough grass sticking through to mark the coming of spring. Argh!

I was just about to move on when I saw a drake riding the swift current from the north, and then I realized his mate was just underneath the bridge. Cut for photosCollapse )
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I Has a Stik! [29 Mar 2009|11:51am]

[ mood | good ]

Just one of the better shots of some sparrows I took March 21st. I wish they hadn't been up so high! They were so busy building their nest before the big spring blizzard. I know sparrows aren't the most exotic bird out there, but they're so industrious in spring.

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Pink Flamingo [11 Nov 2008|08:43pm]

Taken at the Memphis Zoo in October. Click for larger.

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Photos [31 Oct 2008|05:27pm]

Here are some photos I took today!

Click Here For PhotosCollapse )
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Eastern Gray Squirrel [27 Jul 2008|03:10pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

These are always in my backyard. There are more pictures here.

Bewick's Swan at Slimbridge [15 Dec 2007|09:45pm]

Bewick's swan with mute swan and mallards in background
Wallpaper, feel free to use

I went to Slimbridge Wetland Centre today. The Bewick's swans are the stars, as far as I'm concerned. In the photo above you can see the difference between the Bewick's swan, with the black-and-yellow beak, and the mute swan behind it very clearly. The little ducks behind are of course mallards. The male on the left and the female on the right.

More photos in my LJ.
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New here :) [04 Sep 2007|02:04am]

Hello :)
I am new here and I been taking wildlife photos for a few years. I am hoping I can get things arranged so I can share some of them with you all :)
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[10 Jun 2007|11:04am]

squawkiesCollapse )

When I walk through these marshy lands, all I hear is the strange call of the red-winged blackbird. It's like a screeching, off-key gurgle.
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Photos from High Park; Toronto, ON. [18 Apr 2007|11:05am]


+ a Cardinal, Male Red Winged Blackbird, Peacock, Robin, Mallard/House Duck Crossbreed , Juvenile Mallards & a Female Red Winged Blackbird.Collapse )
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[12 Nov 2006|02:20pm]


Ladybugs, Bees, and ButterfliesCollapse )
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Party Animals [09 Aug 2006|02:33pm]

[ mood | animalistic ]

wWhen I first began visiting Brooklyn, I'd marvel at the sight of a squirrel in the city. Such a sighting was infrequent at best back in Salt Lake (one of my earliest memories is of the squirrels that scurried up and down the trunk of the huge tree behind my Aunt Polly's house just south of Ninth and Ninth) and always brought with it a sense of wonderment. I was used to seeing them out in the wild, when we'd go fishing or when we'd picnic in one of the nearby canyons; but seeing these furry little creatures, with their hand-like feet and feet-like hands, in the midst of suburbia... well, let's just write it off as my being easily entertained. 

And though their comic antics still captivate me, as I approach my eighth month in the Big City -- where you can't throw a small stone without hitting a large squirrel -- I now recognize these critters for what they are: bushy-tailed rats. 

Not counting the two honest-to-goodness rats that ambled across our path one night as nydeborah and I walked across a plaza in fashionable Park Slope, we have other wildlife in Brooklyn, too. I'm also not talking about the partygoers who came to our block party and filled our street last Saturday with a full day of eating and drinking and laughing with friends new and old. No, I'm talking about the shadowy creature that nydeborah spied walking across the fence in the backyard after the party was over. "There's a possum in the backyard," she called out.

This didn't surprise me. Last October, we'd awakened one chilly morning to find a soaking wet possum hanging upside down from the back fence, where it had caught one of its hind legs between the pickets. It had rained all night, and the poor creature (looking like the proverbial wet rat) had exhausted itself from trying to escape. Still, it had enough life left in it to hiss and snap at me whenever I got close. 

What needed to be done was clear: someone simply had to lift up the possum to free its leg from between the posts where its body weight had trapped it. Another thing was clear, too: I was not the one to do it.

Instead, we picked up the phone and called the [queue up the Law and Order theme] Emergency Service Unit.  Not only does ESU provide expertise and specialized equipment to support the various units within the NYPD -- dealing with everything from collapsed buildings to auto accidents and hostage situations --  they also are adept at animal-removal. Donning leather gloves and utilizing a noose pole, the two-man team swiftly freed the possum and sent it scampering away unharmed.

Fast forward to last Saturday night, where the quadraped in question turned out not to be a possum but rather a raccoon. For a half hour or so it entertained the few remaining party guests by performing a Buster Keatonesque tightrope act on the power lines. 


Alas, the raccoon was about as good at acrobatics as Mel Gibson is at good will. After parading back and forth nervously, right side up and upside down, and several times nearly falling, it finally made its way onto the roof of a neighbor's garage. There it posed and strutted for several minutes, culminating with a fit of hissing (not to be confused with a hissy fit), looking for all the underworld like Satan's lapdog.

The following morning, I stepped out onto our front stoop to discover a rather large squirrel burrowing headfirst into one of our many bags of garbage from the night before. All I could see were its haunches up in the air as it pulled trash out onto the sidewalk. I stepped down one step to shoo it away, but it heard me, turned around, and came right at me, leaping up onto the granite cap on the corner of our fence. For more than a minute we stood there sizing each other up. My hand fumbled for the doorknob behind me, for I sensed that any second it was going to charge. Ultimately it sauntered away, but not without one or two glances back, silently assuring me it would return.

Friends back home often ask me if New York is as scary as it appears in the movies, on TV. I always tell them no, that the people here are friendly beyond belief. But I don't tell them about the animals, no, because I sense they're always there, just out of sight, listening, waiting...

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Pelican, squirrel, and llama? :) [23 Apr 2006|07:32am]

Here are a couple of recent pictures, summer time is here and I would like to see this community start getting active again.(3 photos about 140k total)

These are x posted to wildphotoswildlife_photos and of course these have been on my own page as well and I am debating putting them on behind_the_lens. Sorry about it for those who are on both wildlife photo journals.

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intro post + pics [12 Apr 2006|08:51pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey everybody, I'm new...I looked around at some of the other wildlife photo communities but I like this one the most...it seems to have the most talented members :)

anyway...Collapse )

"Luminarie" is what I'm going to call my site when I get it up, which will be soon, hopefully.

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sorry if this is off-topic, but i will post a picture too!!
as you may know, the government are proposing a mass cull of badgers as they are blamed for the increase in bovine tb. badgers are being used as a scapegoat for poor farming methods. cows are kept in such bad conditions in their own filth that it is easy for them to catch diseases, also there are many cattle movements so cattle easily come into contact with already infected cows.

PLEASE go to this website http://www.stopthecull.info/emaildefra.php
and send the pre-written email to DEFRA, just by adding your email address.

I hope it will help although many people think it is an already made decision....but we MUST prevent the slaughter of innocent badgers and make the farmers sort out their farming methods before blaming anybody else.

more information about the badgers and tb issue on http://www.nfbg.org.uk

If you feel very strongly about it, like me, then i would also encourage you to write letters to your local MP, tony bLIAR and ben bradshaw, MP. there is information on the above website under 'other ways to help'.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heres some photos i got of a badger :) theyre not amazing but i was so proud :D i was being a bit cautious because i hadnt photographed a badger before, but they are unaffected by the flash due to their poor eyesight so hopefully i can get better ones in the future! :)

badgers in a garden :)Collapse )
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[17 Sep 2005|09:32pm]

This was a very small grasshopper that I saw on my sliding glass door. Couldn't even have been 1 inch long.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

+1Collapse )

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